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We offer inside & outside winter storage. We also offer inside and outside summer dryslip rentals. We sell out on inside winter storage. If you would like to be put on our list for inside storage, please fill out the form below. Prices start at $37/ft and there is a 10% discount for first year inside storage customers.


Sample Storage Agreement

By my signature below I, ___________________________ agree to the following:

I authorize Andrew's Marine Service, LLC to store my watercraft through May 31, 2019: __Inside  ___Outside for the sum of $____

Storage includes haul-out, winterization, Spring start up and launch. It does not include outdrive oil change (usually done in the Fall) or engine oil change (Spring), tune-ups, bottom wash, cleaning, etc. There is a $25 fee if you would like your battery removed for pick up.

I understand that two weeks notice is required to ready my watercraft for use in the Spring of 2019. I will take possession of my watercraft before June 1, 2019, unless other arrangments have been made with Andrew's Marine Service, LLC. If my watercraft is left in storage at AMS on or after June 1, 2019, I agree to pay summer storage fees of $3.50/day. Boats already summarized that are not picked up within 5 days of requested launch date will be charged storage fees (in water - $25/day; on land - $10/day).

It is agreed, between Andrew's Marine Service, LLC and I, the undersigned, that the grant of any storage space, launching, docking, tie-up privilege, towing, hauling or moving, afloat or ashore, shall be accepted with the understanding that Andrew's Marine Service, LLC assumes no liability for fire, theft, or any other damage incurred, during the storage contract time or during any of the aforementioned procedures. I, the owner, will be responsible for obtaining and maintaing property liability and hazard/loss insurance coverage for the item(s) being stored. In addition, I the undersigned, hereby indemnify and hold harmless Andrew's Marine Service, LLC from any and all liability, claims, or demands of recompense for damage or loss of stored property.

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